“Your cages goes back on at 12:30pm on Jan 7th and will remain on for 14 days. You will come to me at least once a day for t & d , I will not remind you. Failure to do so will start your 14 day period over. If you come to me more than once in a 24 hour period for t & d you will earn 6 hours off of your time. You will come to me once every 4 days for inspection and cleaning. Failure to do so will add 6 hours to your time. My choosing to inspect or t & d during this time will not earn you more time and does not count as fulfilling your responsibilities. You will log any addendums or infractions in this message.”

The above was my first true “chastity assignment”. Though Chastity is nothing new to me in any way this was a new experience.  During the 14 day period I had received 18 hours off my time. Both of us expected that to be more but life always has a way of intervening.  All of my daily t&d was done with my cage on except once which coincided with my first inspection and cleaning day. That day my cage was removed and I was bound to the bed and was teased for about an hour. After which I went right back into the cage. 

So, at the end of this assignment I was unlocked and the cage removed.  Locks had big plans for my release day but life as it happens ruined those plans. At one point during the evening we discussed how she had never really experienced vanilla sex. Since we did not get an opportunity to play the night of my release I was allowed to sleep uncaged and the following morning I woke her up to morning vanilla sex. I rubbed her body, kissed her all over, went down on her (which she does absolutely loves). After I made her cum orally then I slipped it in her and after a bit we both kind of came together. No bondage, no biting, no toys, no scratching and so on. Our collective agreement afterwards about the experience was “eh… it was nice..” For me, it was one of the least fulfilling orgasms I’ve probably ever had and from what she told me she felt the same about hers. I think I would have much preferred either a ruined orgasm or none at all. Though I’ve gone longer without an orgasm, this was the first time I had daily t&d like this and by the end of the assignment I was a hair trigger for getting as hard as I could within my cage.

So, 14 days of being caged with daily t&d, and some extra sessions of t&d, cumulating to such mutual unsatisfying sex and orgasm, I do have to say within about 30 minutes I was probably close to the horniest I had ever been. Fortunately she later in the day took pity on me and bound me to the bed, beat me for a bit then allowed me to cum good and hard inside her. Shortly after i was locked back into my steelheart cage. Though I am not currently under any chastity assignment, her penis still remains locked up. Chastity assignments are just additions to the perpetual state of her penis being locked up in chastity.  


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