My last orgasm was this past Saturday, 21 Jan 2017. It’s only been 5 days thus far.  Since then I’ve not been under a chastity assignment but that does not mean I’ve not been caged. I pretty much always remain caged unless on the semi rare occurrences where Locks wants to do some t&d with me without it on. So for me at this point “Free Ballin” means since I am not currently under an assignment, this is as close to free ballin as I get, cause well her cock is perpetually locked away in a steel cage!

So, this morning I was allowed out of my cage for about 20 minutes. once I took the cage off and did a bit of hygiene Locks promptly duck taped my hands together and proceeded to tease me. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to get a proper erection! a full-blown hard-on without any confinement. and holy hell did i want to cum this morning! and holy hell I wasn’t allowed to.. grrr!  But a full erection like that was still lovely, even if I didn’t get to touch it or cum. So, there’s that at least.



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