So, Since the start of the year I have been keeping track through a handy app on my phone the amount of time I spend locked in chastity and without. There is still a whole lot more I need to get caught up on but i wanted to start here since last month has expired. I’ve actually been really excited about doing this and am glad i started doing so with the start of the year cause it’ll be really fun to see the end results with the conclusion of 2017! I say now that i am looking forward to those results but we will see how things go, as chastity assignments get longer and harder, just how “excited” (pun intended) I am in the end (can also place another pun here as well.)


So, to break down the simple pie chart included with this post…

  • Steelheart – wearing this device accounted for 96% of the month. A total of 712 hours out of 744 total possible hours for the month. This equates to 29.666667 days out of 31.
  • Free – For the month Locks’ cock breathed fresh air for a grand total of 29 hours and 24 minutes. I don’t think i need to break that one down into days 😉 Of those hours, prior to my first chastity assignment towards the beginning of the year I was allowed freed for 12 hours and told that I could cum as many times as I wanted/could. This 12 hours also included over night so I was a bit even more limited than a full `12 hours. During that time I was able to have 5 orgasms (that last one was pretty forced and kind of pathetic in ways and had next to no ejaculate). So, with that being said, minus that one extended period of free time I spent 17 hours and 24 minutes locked in chastity out of  732 minutes (minus that 12 hours) or 30.5 days.
  • Unaccounted – I’m trying to rack my brain as to where the unaccounted has come from. Being a total of 2 hours and 36 minutes. I believe that came from one instance that I didn’t properly restart my timer after a short period of freedom.
  • Orgasms – This month my orgasms totaled 9. As stated above 5 of those came in a 12 hour period. One came with the birth of the new year. Two came with the conclusion of my first chastity assignment which I previously blogged about under “14 days and vanilla sex”. The final orgasm for the month was allowed prior to the start of my most recent chastity assignment which occurred on the 26th of January.

I am planning on keeping track of more information as we go forward. One of those things is number times and amount of time I receive t&d and whether it is with or without my cage on. I am keeping a log of when these sessions occur under my post “New Chastity Assignment.” As per my instructions I have to post within 12 hours of the session happening. If I don’t then therefore it did not happen. I do have more to catch up on but I find this info very intrequing and wanted to start here. In an upcoming post, I do have some exciting news to share about a new chastity device that arrived today (after ordeing it on august 10th) which conveniently coincided with the 1st of Feburary so next months metrics might be interesting as to what and how much I will be wearing which device.


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