As I opened a package that arrived today and unwrapped the contents I purposefully did not unwrap the main attraction but the extra i ordered with it. As I pulled it out of the wrapping I found myself feeling a little nervous right away. It was so short. After placing the extra ring and PA hook down I reached for the new cage and began to unwrap it. I think I even gasped a little as it fell into my hand as i thought “holy hell, that’s small!”  My new chastity cage is less than half the size of my steelheart that i had made back in 2010 I think. As I fumbled with it uncertainty started to set in as whether or not I was actually going to be able to fit inside the new RigidChastity Modular Chastity Device 2.

So yeah, he’s a picture of the two devices side by side that can probably explain my uncertainty a whole lot better than i could put into words.




One thought on “Holy Hell, That’s Small!

  1. Yes that’s nice and short! As long as you can manage to get your COMPLETELY flaccid self into it, I suspect you’ll find that shorter is indeed better. As counterintuitive as it may seem at first, it’s actually much more uncomfortable when your cage is big enough to allow partial erections than when you’re cut off right at the get-go!


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