Over the past weekend Locks and I were out-of-state visiting her family. I have been going back and forth a bit between my new, rigid chastity, and old, steelheart, devices. The RC device  has been giving me some trouble. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the device itself but it may not be a good fit for me. With it being so small the PA hook part is a bit short for me and pulls on the PA hole some, essentially pulling on the hole stretching it out. So I have been wearing it for a few days at a time, using it to essentially gauge my PA hole so the device will fit more comfortably for longer term wear. The down side by doing this is that it ends up causing some irritation which causes swelling around the hole so it’s not having the desired effect right now.

Two days prior to leaving the state we had put my RC on. Those two days I didn’t have any issue with the discomfort from the PA hook. Our original plan was to switch back to the SH before we left but since it was feeling good I asked not to do so. I wanted to push it a little more hoping that the gauging was actually working. Once we got to our destination things were still good. By Friday morning I was starting to feel a bit of the discomfort. I have noticed that in the mornings I tend to feel this the worst, thinking it has to do with nocturnal erections. Then as the day progresses the discomfort lessens and sometimes vanishes all together. So that first day, Friday, this is what happened. Friday evening i was more active than usual playing with kids, wrestling, playing with hoops, tickle fights and pillow fights and the such. Well, with this abnormal activity for me i started feel the discomfort come back a little but didn’t think much of it. Eventually to bed we went (on a crazy uncomfortable pull out couch btw.)

Saturday morning showed up way too fast to find that this discomfort and become more of a pain, a continuous pain. It was different. Before long I (discreetly) requested the key so I could take my cage off. Just didn’t feel right. At the time getting the keys from around her neck couldn’t be done inconspicuously so we had to wait a while. About 4 hours later, when we had a moment alone I reminded Locks that I needed to take my cage off and was able to retrieve the key from her neck. I then grabbed the SH thinking I was just going to switch then out and headed up to the bathroom and locked the door. I got the SH all set up to put on then put the key in the RC, turned and pulled out the lock. I then removed the main part of the cage and… and.. and… phew that hurt! Though to myself, “that’s a first.” I then looked down and, “oh, bloody hell… there’s blood.” I grabbed some TP and blotted away what I could, knowing the worst was yet to come.

So, The PA hook for the RC is a static rigid part that incorporates into the cage.  A big part of the reason we went with this device. The concept is awesome and if fitted right I think it would be awesome. It’s hard to explain exactly how it fits. It’s kind of in an L shape with the long part of the L sticking out of the tip of the penis and the bottom shorter part going though the PA hole. The only downfall to this design is that in the corner where the two parts meet, the overall thickness seems to be greater in size than the 2 gauge that my PA is. So getting the hook in is a bit of a stretch to begin with. Knowing all this, I know that getting the hook out was going to be… a little uncomfortable to say the least but it had to be done. It took several tries. It was kind of like putting a butt plug in. One can’t really just shove a decent sized plug in all willy nilly. You kind of have to slowly work it in and stretch the anus for a moment. So, that’s kind of the approach I took. Still, once I got to the biggest point, yup, not fun. I stood there holding onto the sink for a minute.

Once my vision and mental capacity fully returned I wiped away the blood that was there and cleaned the penis. I then realized that with that much “irritation” and soon even more swelling that i really needed to at least get my 2g PA ring back in lest risk not being able to do so for a bit. That wasn’t horrible but was still not fun. I then contemplated trying to get by SH on, cause well I know locks 100%prefers me locked up (and really, so do I), but after actually a bit of self debate about it the nurse in me prevailed and I decided on the more prudent course of action and left the throbbing penis (in this case, definitely not the good kind of throbbing) uncaged. I packed everything up and went down stairs where i discretely showed Locks the blood tinged TP and told her that I was uncaged.

I am happy to report that after 30 hours and 20 minutes of being cage free I am back in the SH. Fortunately I am a quick healer. There is still a bit of pain if I pull on the PA ring but so far the SH hasn’t given me any issues.

So, I want to make something clear. With writing this I am in no way knocking RigidChastity devices. What i have is an extremely well made device and I do really love the design and love the concept of the PA hook. I believe that the sizing we had ordered is off. Still working out exactly where the issue is. Yes the cage is so very short but i don’t thing that is the issue. It has something to do with the PA hook. Either the Long part of the L is too short or the bottom part is too short, or maybe a combo of both. The penis when hard is pretty average in length but has more girth than average. I’ve not given up on the RC device at all. I will wear it more, if nothing else but to try to narrow down exactly what the issue is because we very well may order another one from them at some point.


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