• This Assignment starts tonight at midnight (00:01 2 March 2017). I am not going to tell you the end date.
  • You will come to me and request T&D at least once in every 24 hours and those times run from midnight to midnight.
  • If T&D is denied when you request it, you are expected to request it again at a better time. Failure to do so will add 6 hours to your time.
  • You will come to me for cleaning and inspection every 3 days if you are wearing the SW cage and every 2 days if you are wearing the RC cage. Failure to do so will add 3 days to your time.
  • My initiation of T&D does not fulfill your responsibility to request it and will not earn you more time.
  • You can earn 6 hours  for requesting and getting T&D more than once in a 24 hour period.
  • You can request to trade 6 hours for cage free T&D. However I reserve the right to refuse.
  • You will be assigned tasks that will earn you time off.
  • You can earn time off for pleasing me. This is not limited to my sexual gratification.
  • You will log all T&D, inspections and cleaning, and times as well as infractions. Failure to log within 12 hours is considered an infraction and will add 12 hours to your time.

The following is a log of activities as we progress through this assignment.

  1. t&d requested and granted 2 march at 9:10 pm.
  2. Earned 12 hours off my time (cannot say what the new release time is obviously) for doing something above what is expected of me. (also fixed a leaky faucet and re rearranged the bedroom, cleaning as i went)
  3. T&d requested and denied 3 march at about 2100. Failed to do a follow up request. 6 hours added to my time.
  4. T&d requested at 0900 on 4 march. Woke up a little horny and while Locks was sleeping I put on the hood and bound myself, giving her a little surprise for when she woke up.
  5. Inspection requested 5 Mar at 0730. Switched devices and now am wearing the rigidchastity device.
  6. t&d requested on 5 march but not given. Locks has been feeling a little ill, though apparently did earn 12 hours off my unknown time for being “generally awesome”
  7. T&d requested 7 march at about 0430 till about 0500.
  8. Inspection requested and switched back to the SH cage at about 0500 7 march.
  9. Extra t&d requested 7 march at 2017 for about an hour. Was given cage free. Earned 6 hours off my unknown time.
  10. t&d requested 8 march at 1745 for about 20 minutes.
  11. t&d requested 9 march at 2330 for about a half hour. Was instructed to use the strapon on Locks and that i would earn 2 hours off my time for every orgasm I gave her. She managed 10 orgasms so i earned 20 hours off my time. Currently a total of 44 hours has been accrued off my assignment time
  12. t&d requested 10 march at 1040 for about 30 minutes. This was cage free t&d ( with inspection)  which as always means that at least my hands were bound to the bed.
  13. Earned 10 hours off my time for randomly fucking Locks with the strapon which caused 5 orgasms for her.
  14. Earned 1 hour off my time for, on my own, using a lint roller on her black dress to get the white dog hair off of it. Locks was pleased that i took the initiative prior to us leaving to help make her look hella good! Total time off is now at 55 hours.
  15. extra t&d given at a play party Friday night 10 march at a play party we went to. earned 6 hours, total is now at 61 hours off.
  16. t&d was provided while in a hotel room after the play party very early Saturday morning. A friend and I stood in the doorway of the bedroom and watched another friend of ours eat the hell out of Locks. It was very hot and I was very hard and horny especially while the girl next to me was tugging on my balls. I also went down on both of our friends for a good bit each all while locked up. I’m getting pretty hard right now thinking and typing about it. I think this should earn me extra t&d damn, now I’m fucking horny as hell and I’m gonna have to leave for work soon!
  17. Extra t&d requested 11 March. I can’t really give a time frame on this because we spend pretty much the entire afternoon and night after we got home from the hotel in the bed being highly horny with each other. A conservative guess would be that Locks had at least 20 orgasms yesterday. I of course didn’t have any and was caged the entire time (and obviously still am) I was told i earned 12 hours for everything we did yesterday with my running tally now at 73 hours off.
  18. t&d requested 12 march at about 0845 for about 15 minutes and yet another orgasm for Locks this morning!
  19. Inspection requested and given 13 march.
  20. t&d requested 13 March at about 1800 and lasted for about 30 minutes
  21. t&d was requested on 14 march but due to Locks being ill it did not happen. No time was taken off my assignment.
  22. t&d requested 15 march at 1015 for about 10 minutes.
  23. t&d requested 16 March at 2300 for about 20 minutes
  24. Inspection requested 17 March which coincided with the following day’s t&d session.
  25. t&d planned (which counts for a requested t&d) 17 March at 1245 for over 3 hours. Cage free t&d (not able to do long sessions with the cage on, the base ring gets too painful) At the moment we are just taking a break and will be headed back to it after we eat. And btw, holy hell i want to cum!
  26. Earned 12 hours for pleasing Locks by taking her phone with me while i ran a couple of errands in between play sessions to get some pokestops. Running tally at 85 hours off.
  27. t&d continued after dinner lasting for another couple of hours. It was more cage free t&d which as always means i was bound. Lost 12 hours for “manipulating” Locks to go to a place she did not want to go. Running tally is now at 73 hours off my time.
  28. Extra t&d requested 17 march at 2325 for about 30 minutes. Running tally now at 79 hours off my time.
  29. t&d requested 18 march at 0833 and lasted for about 25 minutes.
  30. t&d requested 19 March at 0835 and lasted for about 30 minutes
  31. Inspection requested 20 march at 1845
  32. t&d requested 20 March at 1845 following inspection. t&d was cage free for about 45 minutes with arms cuffed to the bed and legs suspended to the bar above the bed.
  33. Extra t&d requested 20 March at about 2230. Locks wasn’t feeling very well so it did not happen but I was given 3 hours for my “ambition”. Running total time off is not at 82 hours.
  34. t&d requested 21 March at 2300 for about 20 minutes.
  35. t&d did not happen on 22 March. We were both very tired and not feeling too well. No time was added for this one.
  36. Earned 3 extra hours for saying something very funny and clever. Total is at least 85 hours.
  37. t&d requested 23 March at 2000 and went off and on for about 2 hours.
  38. t&d requested 24 March at 0830 for about 35 minutes.
  39. Extra t&d requested the afternoon of 24 March for a couple of hours. Add 6 hours.
  40. Extra t&d requested the evening of 24 March for 57 minutes. Add 6 hours with the running total at 97 hours. This was cage free t&d and I was even allowed inside Locks and able to give her a couple of orgasms with the penis before i had to stop cause… holy fuck that felt good!
  41. Extra t&d requested the night of 24 March for about an hour and a half. This time there was the usual nipple sucking/pinching/biting but also a good bit of cane action on my ass, thighs and balls… Yup, my balls got good and caned last night. Running tally is at 103 hours.
  42. t&d requested 25 March at about 0800 for 20 minutes. Last night Locks hurt her hands from spanking me so our plans for kayaking today got changed to laying in bed and watching movies.  So yeah, I’m sure it’s going to be another long frustrating day for the penis…………..
  43. Extra t&d requested 25 march at 1402 for 20 minutes. Running tally at 109 hours.
  44. Extra t&d requested 25 March at about 1600 for another 20 minutes. Tally at 115 hours.
  45. Extra t&d requested 25 March at about 1830 for 15 minutes. Tally is at 121 hours.
  46. Early inspection requested, more for cleaning purposes.
  47. t&d requested March 26th at 0845 for about 25 minutes. There were at least 20 edgings done.
  48. Gave Locks a massage today, 26 March for about 30 minutes. Apparently she really enjoyed it cause she gave me 20 hours off my time. Running tally now at 141 hours. (And this is why I so rarely give people massages, I’m kind of good at it :/
  49. I was exempted from t&d on 27 March due to a long day at work.
  50. t&d was given 27 March for about 20 minutes and I was told that it counts as extra t&d since I had been exempted for the day. Tally at 147 hours.
  51. t&d requested 28 march that consisted of me (caged of course) wearing the strapon and fucking Locks for about 30 minutes. Though i lost 12 hours because i did not log the t&d within the 12 hour time frame. Tally now at 135 hours.
  52. Earned an extra 12 hours for reasons not to be disclosed. Tally back at 147 hours.
  53. t&d requested 29 march at 2013 for 27 minutes.  I was uncaged and was able to get the penis good and wet inside Locks for about 20 minutes edging myself numerous times without of course cuming. The last 7 minutes or so was spent with Locks continuing to edge me some more with one of our “personal massagers.”
  54. Inspection occurred 29 March at 2012 just prior to the above t&d.
  55. Was exempt from t&d for 30 March.
  56. Okay so, t&d happened this morning starting at 0638. While Locks was sleeping I started to rub her clit with my hand. For a few moments there was no response then as she started to wake up to the sensations I inserted a couple of fingers and did my thing leading her to a couple of orgasms.  Then i moved up the bed a bit so i could put the cage in her hand (which i was already as hard as i can get in the cage). At that point the next step of t&d started and continued until 0700 when the alarm when off. Afterwards I asked if that counted as t&d since I didn’t actually VERBALLY asked prior to all this, which would have meant that I would have to woken her up first which kind of defeats the purpose of wanting to wake Locks up with fingers buried in her pussy. So yeah, I was told that this morning did not count for my daily t&d but she was kind enough to give me three hours for pleasing her… Running tally now at 150 hours.
  57. Inspection requested 31 March. Switched out cages and now wearing the Ridgidchastity cage. We will see how that goes.
  58. t&d requested 31 March at 2315 for about 30 minutes. Consisted of me fucking Locks with the strap-on…
  59. t&d requested the morning of 1 April for about 30 minutes at about maybe 0730.
  60. Extra t&d requested 1 April at about 2300 for about 40 minutes. This session was mostly impact play that left my ass good and bloody. Running tally at 156 hours.
  61. I was exempt from t&d 2 April.
  62. Inspection occurred 3 April at around 2000. Still wearing the new ridgidchastity device and this time around things are going well. No pain and no bleeding.
  63. Locks is not feeling well and I was exempt from t&d for 3 April.
  64. Exempt from t&d for 4 April.
  65. Experiencing a little tenderness from the RC device. Switched back to the SH cage on 5 April at 0830.
  66. t&d requested 5 April at 0900 for about 10 minutes.
  67. T&d requested 6 April at 2230 for about 45  minutes. Included some lighter bondage.
  68. Inspection requested 7 April and switched back to the RC cage.
  69. Play party on 7 April which always counts for t&d.
  70. Earned 12 hours off my time for taking care of Locks while at a local event while she was sick.
  71. Earned 6 hours off my time for a joke our friend Joy will get when she reads this and asks about it. Running tally now at 168 hours.
  72. Exempt from t&d 8 april.
  73. Requested t&d 9 april at about 0910 for 20 minutes.
  74. t&d requested 10 April at 1720 for 35 minutes. So much edging, so fucking close but of course, Nope!
  75. Inspection requested 10 April at 1815.

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