Another month has expired and it is passed due to post my Metrics for the last month.  This month has been a bit of a different one for me because we have incorporated a new device, the first one in about 6 years that has the potential for true long term wear. Unfortunately there has been some issues with the new device which has caused me to be cage free for a couple of extended periods of time. Twice I had to be cage free for 30 plus hours to allow some healing. But we are going back and fourth between the two cages and things are getting better with the new one. And so, without further adieu, here is the pie chart…

Feb Chastity Metrics

To start off, I was a little surprised to see that I was locked into the new cage for more than half of the month (51%). I do like the new Rigid Chastity device and I know I was trying to force things which caused two times requiring for those cage free periods. Those two cage free periods both lasted about 32 hours each. the final 12 hours cage free came prior to my most recent Chastity assignment.  I do have to admit there is more cage free time in there accounting for cage free t&d but neither Locks nor I are the best at remembering to set the app prior to play.  Still, the amount of time i spent cage free accounts for a minimal time over all. Best guess would be 1-2% time over all.  It hasn’t been the easiest month for us over all, between the cage issues and being out of town. I spent more time out of my cage than I am used to.  But life happens.


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