Prior to the start of the most recent chastity assignment we had discussed incorporating me not knowing the end date for the assignment. I have to admit, not knowing did sound kind of hot. With this in mind, Locks decided that we would use this tactic this time around. Trial and error if nothing else. Not knowing does appeal to me. I was told that the timeframe that was decided on is going to push me. Knowing that does excite me on several levels. It has only been a few days into this assignment. As of this writing it has been 4 days and 21 hours. Not really long enough for the full effect to really take effect. But not knowing the end date at first did seem to propel those feelings of denial. Experience has shown that it often takes a good week after an orgasm for the effects of denial to take hold.

At this point I am still within this first week so my feelings on all this may change as time goes on. To begin with not knowing was very appealing. As these short days have progressed another aspect as crept into my mind. I am more used to not knowing a release date, not knowing when i am going to cum again than I am knowing that date. Once we started doing these chastity assignments, prior to that it my cage free time (and when I came) was all random and unknown to me. Since we started doing these assignments, I knew the end dates but in-between I an still caged and left unknowing of any release time. I am not saying that I prefer one way or the other when it comes to chastity assignments, just expressing some thoughts about starting an assignment that includes not knowing the end date. I am interested to see if or how my views may change as this assignment progresses.


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