So, I’ve been asked what a t&d session looks like between Locks and I. I’ve been trying to decide how best to answer this question and have come to the conclusion that our t&d can be best described within two general categories. There are a lot of different things we do for t&d so describing what this isn’t the easiest thing to put into words. The first category I am going to call maintenance t&d (MTD). t&d when done daily like we do for these longish chastity assignments tends to lead to certain common activities or rituals.

We of course did not set out to establish these rituals but when you do something daily routines develop. For example, we have found that our MTD sessions tend to last almost exactly 20 minutes every time. We do not set a timer or anything but a certain level of efficiency has set in. As of this moment we are 28 days, 16 hours and 54 minutes into this assignment (not that I am counting or anything). During that time we have had over 40 t&d sessions. I’d guess over half of those were MTD sessions. So far we are 89 days into 2017. of those 89 days I have been in active chastity assignments for almost 69 of those days. So yes, there has been a lot of t&d the two of us have been doing this year.  Obviously not all t&d sessions can be some crazy scene so rituals set in to maintain these daily t&d sessions.

So, what does MTD look like? Well, It’s simple in concept. For the most part I am always naked and laying on my back in the bed with Locks sitting crossed legged next to me. For these sessions the penis is almost always caged. We have a “personal massager” that Locks favors during these sessions. I wear mostly my steelworxx Steelheart cage which has just a small pee hole in an otherwise fully enclose cage (I hardly ever get to see the damn thing never mind touch it!)  The tip of the massager fits sorta well to the small opening at the bottom of the cage (or top of the cage if I’m laying on my back).  This sends a very pleasurable vibration though out the entire cage. We typically start off with using this to get an erection going.  At the beginning of my assignments this takes a little more time to achieve but the longer the assignment goes the less time it takes to get me hard, go figure…

Once I am as hard as my cage allows then things progress. Next normally comes the nipple play as Locks “jacks” me off with my cage, or she edges me with the massager first.  Locks leans down and starts sucking and biting on my nearest nipple (which most often is my left nipple) as she grabs a hold of my cage and starts to pull it up and down. This leads to a couple of edges normally. Next tends to be the ball pulling and slapping, though sometimes the ball busting starts things off too.  By this point I tend to drift off into non-orgasmic bliss and articulating the ritual is a bit fuzzy.  Clothes pins on the nipples are a common addition to MTD. As this assignment has progressed we have learned that I have really been enjoying ball abuse, especially when Locks grabs both of them in her hand and yanks and pulls them away from my body.  I really enjoy them being pulled on, especially from behind, pulling them between my legs.  Yup, I like that. Want them pulled on even harder. Yup, me on my hands and knees with my balls pulled back behind me. Stretched tight, vulnerable… We also learned that I can take a pretty good caning on my balls. That was agonizingly lovely…

But I digress.. Phew.. okay.. MTD… In the beginning of these assignments I don’t think 20 minutes really was enough but now that we are far into my third assignment 20 minutes seems to be the magic amount of time for a MTD session to last. It really is kind of funny. 18 minutes isn’t quite enough, 22 minutes and I end up oozing (or “making a mess”, sometimes at the level of a ruined orgasm which we try to avoid).  We have learned that “oozing” does tend to give me a bit of release so we try to avoid it. Though the further we go the time frame from edging to orgasm gets smaller. Locks is good at reading me but “accidents” do happen.

For the most part of it, this sums of MTD for us. There are outliers. There has been a time or two that cage free MTD has happened though only when it coincides with inspection. In addition or MTD session tend to happen from Sunday though Wednesday. My days off from work typically are Friday and Saturday and Locks works Monday through Friday. This leads to what I am calling our exotic t&d (ETD) sessions to occur more on the weekend time frame (I know, totally shocking). When it comes to ETD, well.. I think that will be best for another post because there is so much more to cover. Things like strap-on use (both ways), hours of bondage, hours of impact play, play parties and so much more.. I think diving into all that will take several more posts to try and share.. So, on one final note to leave on… goodnight! 🙂


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