Another month of 2017 comes to a close.  Therefore it is time to share what chastity has looked like for me this month.  For those that have read though my blog, we know that my Current assignment started at 0001 on 2 March. This month I think I did a really good job at keep accurate times of the time I have spent in and (occasionally out of) chastity. As you will see in a moment, unaccounted time equals 0% for the month. I can also assure you that unsupervised time uncaged during assignments also equals 0%. In addition almost all of the time I have spent cage free during my assignment has been spent with at least my hands cuffed and bound in some way.  Pretty much the only time spend with a free penis and hands is during taking the cage off and cleaning then cleaning and putting the cage back on. So, here’s what this month looked like…

March Chastity Metrics

As you can see I spent 714 hours of a total possible 744 hours locked in chastity. This leaves about 30 hours of cage free time. That 30 hours also accounts for the 14 hours of cage free time that lead up the start of this assignment. So if i adjust the pie graph to remove March 1st it looks like this.

March Assignment 3 Metrics

Very similar but you can see that for the remainder of the 30 days left in march my free time dropped by half. Of course I cannot just leave a day out but thought that info was interesting.

So, without knowing when this assignment is going to end, at this point I do not see this month to be much different than what this month will in the end up showing.


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