This is Grumpys new assignment. He has been out of assignment for entirely too long.

  • This Assignment starts tonight at midnight (Thursday May 24th 2017 at 0001). I am not going to tell you the hard set end date.
  • You will come to me and request T&D at least once in every 24 hours and those times run from midnight to midnight.
  • If T&D is denied when you request it, you are expected to request it again at a better time. Failure to do so will add 6 hours to your time.
  • You will come to me for cleaning and inspection every 3 days if you are wearing the SW cage and every 2 days if you are wearing the RC cage. Failure to do so will add 3 days to your time.
  • My initiation of T&D does not fulfill your responsibility to request it and will not earn you more time.
  • You can earn 6 hours  for requesting and getting T&D more than once in a 24 hour period.
  • You will be assigned tasks that will earn you time off.
  • You can earn time off for pleasing me. This is not limited to my sexual gratification.
  • You will log everything pertaining to chastity or this assignment daily. Failure to log within 12 hours will add 6 hours to your time.

He had a really great idea of adding The Wheel which I am pretty sure he is going to regret since I am implementing it this time. The wheel will be spun on inspection day… or if I  just decide I want spun. The sections on the wheel will be:

  • Earn 6 hours
  • Add 12 hours
  • Cage Free T&D
  • No T&D
  • Earn 1 day
  • Add 3 days
  • Reward
  • Spin 2 more times

If the wheel lands on Reward, he can suggest what he would like his reward to be. It does not have to be related to his chastity or assignment. I reserve the right to refuse suggestions and of course, time off will not even be considered.

Cage free T&D can be ‘banked’

No T&D will be for that day only.

Spin 2 more times will apply both spins to his assignment.

Assignment 4 wheel

Life got a bit too lifelike there for a bit and then it seemed we fell into this odd weekday rut. Our longer weekend play sessions just kind of stopped happening due to other obligations for the most part. While assignments can get kind of rut-like, its still better than things have been.

As a end note: This post is how he will find out he is in assignment. Though I am fairly certain he knew it was coming soon.

6 June, Reward agreed upon is to bank a cage free t&d session.
6 June, t&d requested at 2315 for 17 minutes.
7 June, earned 12 hours for a full body massage and 6 hours for coming up with a fresh heated blanket right out of the dryer right after the massage.
7 June, T&d requested at 2320 for 27 minutes.
8 June, we were planning on t&d but sleep cam early for Locks and I didn’t want to wake her up.
9 June, t&d requested at 0915 for 35 minutes.
10 June, t&d requested at 0823 for 40 minutes.
10 June, extra t&d requested at 1202 for 22
minutes. Running tally at 42 hours off my time.
10 June, we played today… my ass is very red and bloody. We played then we played again. So by the standards of this agreement ive earned 12 hours. After a good beating i eventually asked for more. I was on the verve of tears the first time and maybe wanted to try again but a couldnt spring anouther tear. All good though running tally now at 54 hours
10 June, inspection requested at about 1600. Long play session ensued.
10 June, after the inspection I was tied up and beaten and treased for I’m guessing for about 3 hours. It’s really hard for me to keep track of the time cause well, in tied up and not able to look at clock but also most of the time we play I am wearing my sensory deprivation leather hood and that just makes the concept of time so much more difficult. This also counts as extra t&d. Tally at 60.
10 June, we stopped playing so we could make dinner and watched a movie. I asked Locks if we could play some more, that I needed more. She was happy to ablige and we played again with me hooded, bound, gagged, cage free and teased and beaten and lovingly abused for another 3 or 4 hours. Earned just 6 more hours ( doesn’t seem entirely fair that I only earned 12 hours from my time for more than 6 hours of beatings and teasings) tally at 66 hours.
11 June, t&d requested at 0030 for 20 minutes… got Locks off several times.
11 June, extra t&d requested at 0730 for 25 minutes. Locks woke up to the sensation of having two fingers buried into her pussy and 3 orgasms before she ever opened her eyes today. Running tally at 72 hours.
11 June, we didn’t spin the wheel yesterday after my inspection so I was told to spin twice this morning. The first spin landed one 1 day off my time (tally at 96 hours) and the second spin landed on “exempt from t&d”.
11 June, at 2030 this evening I was informed that this assignment has ended after 19 days (including the 96 hours or 4 days I had earned off). Apparently this was going to be a quick assignment this time………..

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