I’ve neglected to post my monthly metrics the past two months so I wanted to get that caught up for the months of April and May. No excuses, just been lazy. Starting with April, for most of the month I was not in an assignment so I think the penis saw a little more free time than usual. So the numbers for April look like this…

April Chastity Metrics

For the month of April I spent 95% of it, or 685 hours, with the penis locked and encased in steel. Since I was not in an assignment for most of the month there were a few nights were I was allowed to even sleep cage free which actually accounts for much of the free time I was able to experience.

The month of May was very similar. Most of the month I was not in an assignment so the cage came off more often and was allowed to keep it off for longer periods of time. Now, I am not allowed to leave the house without my cage on so I don’t really get to be cage free for all that long anyways.  So May looks like this…

May Chastity Metrics

So for May I was locked up 92% of the month. I am not sure where that 7 hours of unaccounted time came from. My guess would be that I was asleep for most of that having not properly switched things around in the app to show free time before I passed out after pleasing Locks. Seems logical to me at least.

For the months of April and May i was out of an assignment for about 3/4 of that. This just kind of shows that whether or not I am in an assignment or not, I still very rarely even see the penis being fully encased in steel, never mind attaining a proper erection even. I was allowed 8 orgasms during that month and a half. Not because Locks wanted me to have an orgasm for my pleasure but because she really really enjoys the sensation of my pent-up loads blowing inside her. 3 or 4 of those orgasms I inadvertently ruined for myself by trying too hard to last longer for Locks resulting in me cuming inside her but me not really reaching even 1/2 of a full orgasm. One or two might have been attributed to having drank just a touch little too much of whiskey too. Yeah so, even when I am not in an assignment it’s not like I am running around all willy nilly and free and firing at will. Firing at will is not something that happens. So far this year I have had 17 orgasms. Of those orgasms 0 of them were of my own volition. Actually the only time I even touch an unencumbered penis is when for about 1 minute during inspection days when I do a quick wash of the penis before it’s placed in locks hands for the inspection. If cage free t&d does not follow an inspection I am out of my cage for at most like 3 minutes. And if cage free t&d ensues after then the majority of the time at least my hands are bound and locked to an eye bolt at the head of the bed. Yup, no longer a play thing of mine.

To give an idea of the difference what things have looked like so far this assignment I have a chart showing how much of the time I’ve been locked up.

begining of assignment 4

So far the penis has been free only 19 minutes which was for the only cage free t&d session this assignment has seen. Other than that the penis has been fully encased in a solid steel tube secured though my PA piercing and lock on. Fun times….


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