According to exempt is defined as followed…

verb (used with object)


to free from an obligation or liability to which others are subject;release:

to exempt a student from an examination.


released from, or not subject to, an obligation, liability, etc.:

organizations exempt from taxes.
3. a person who is exempt from an obligation, duty, etc.
Locks decided this morning after I spun the wheel and landed on “exempt from t&d” that somehow exempt means that even if i as for t&d (and more importantly extra t&d) that it doesn’t count. What confuses me is that, per the definition, landing on exempt should free me of the obligation but now it somehow also negates all other t&d for the day and the reward that goes along with the extra said t&d. And to top it off, after Locks declared a new definition of the word exempt she then ensued to provide me with t&d from which i was exempt from. (btw, just to be clear we are both sitting here giggling our butts off while I am writing this, so this is in no way me being mad/venting but a humorous portrayal of what i have to up up with on a day to day basis!)

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