This assignment starts tonight at midnight and will end when the wheel of time sees fit or if I just get in a mood and chose to ignore the wheel. The first opportunity to spin the wheel will be on inspection day.

You will come to me and request T&D at least once in every 48 hours and those times run from midnight to midnight.

If T&D is denied when you request it, you are expected to request it again at a better time. Failure to do so will add 12 hours to your time. The wheel of T & D will be used at my discretion.

You will come to me for cleaning and inspection every 3 days. Failure to do so will add 3 days to your time.

You can earn 6 hours  for requesting and getting T&D more than once in a 48 hour period. You are limited to earning 6 hours in a 48 hour period.

You will log everything pertaining to chastity or this assignment daily. Failure to log any event within 12 hours will add 12 hours to your time.

The wheel of time will be spun on inspection day

All of the previously set standards will apply to this assignment.


1. 22 aug, t&d requested at 1800. Was told that my t&d will be 20 minutes of watching porn (a new method of t&d we trying out.) I am to do so sometime before I go to sleep and in addition Locks has taken my cage off for when I do watch the porn. Of course I’m not allowed to touch the penis at any point.

2. 23 Aug (my birthday btw) t&d “requested” at like 0300. Woke locks up with some fondling and proceeded to get her off several times.

3. 23 Aug, extra t&d “requested” at about 0730. Woke Locks up with more fondling then got her off with my fingers, mouth and the penis. I of course did not cum when I was inside her. Earned 6 hours.

4 23 Aug. inspection requested at 1900 and completed after my shower.

5. 24 August, early morning t&d requested.

6. 24 August, spun the time of wheel since wasn’t done inspection day. Landed on add 15 days.

7. 25 August, extra t&d requested at about 0800 for as long as it took to get Locks off like 5-6 times. Earned 6 hours with the tally at 14 days and 12 hours.

8. 25 August, spun a wheel and landed on cage free t&d and was told to spin again and landed on earn 6 hours. Tally at 14 days and 6 hours.

9. 27 August. Inspection requested at 1830. Out of my cage for less then a minute. Spin the wheel of time and landed on add 15 days. Tally at 29 days and 6 hours.

10. 27 August, t&d requested at 1900 but due to circumstances did not happen. No time punishment will be added.

11. 30 August, t&d had not been requested the past 48 hours. Add 12 hours. Tally at 29 days and 18 hours.

12. 30 August, t&d requested at 0745 for about 15 minutes.

13. 30 August, inspection requested at 1900. Spun the wheel of time and landed on release but was told no and spun again and landed on three days. Tally at 32 days and 18 hours.

14. 30 August, extra t&d requested and spun the t&d wheel and landed on cage on t&d. Locks wasn’t satisfied with that so she decided to do cage off with bondage that consisted of a lot of paracord wrapped tightly and attached to my collar any ankle chains. And I earned a whopping 6 hours. Tally at 32 days and 12 hours.

15. 1 september, t&d requested at 2000. Occurred later in the evening. Cuffs, collar and choking on the strap on.

16. 2 September, t&d requested at 0830 for about 20 minutes.

17. 2 September, inspection requested. Spun the wheel and landed on add 15 days, yet again. Tally at 47 days and 12 hours.

18 2 September, spun the t&d wheel and landed on cage on t&d.

19. 2 September, extra t&d completed at 2200. Earn 6 hours.

20. 3 September, t&d requested at 0530 for about 20 minutes.

21. 3 September, extra t&d requested at 0700 for about another 20 minutes. Earned 6 hours. Tally at 47 days.

22. 5 September, exempt from t&d due to Locks having the flu.

23. 7 September, t&d requested and 20 minutes of porn granted.

24. 7 September, realized that while Lock’s has been sick I missed the last inspection day. Tally at 50 days.

25. 7 September, though I missed last inspection we spun the wheel and landed on add 5 days. Tally at 55 days.

26. 8 September, inspection requested and spun the wheel. Landed on add 5 days. Tally at 60 days.

27. 8 September out of stupidity I requested inspection again and landed on add 3 days. Tally al 63 says.

28. 9 September, t&d requested at like 0330. Got Locks off 4 or 5 times.

29. 9 September, extra t&d requested at about 0730 and got Locks of 4 or 5 more times. She also rubbed her cock through the cage a good bit and slapped her balls around some. Afterwards I thanked her for the direct attention. I’m starting to get hard just thinking about her touching her cock and slapping her balls. Tally at 62 days and 18 hours.

30. 9 September, t&d requested at 2000 while trying out our new strait jacket. T&d occurred for most of the evening while we both fell in love with the strait jacket.

31. 10 September, t&d requested early this morning, twice. I can’t tell you how many orgasms I have Locks.

32. 11 September t&d requested at 1430 for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Was strapped into our new spanking bench.

33. 12 September, inspection requested at 0020. I was 20 minutes late in asking for it so add 3 days. Spun the wheel of time and landed on add 7 days. Tally at 72 days and 18 hours.

34. 12 September, t&d requested at 0630 for about 45 minutes. I was allowed to fuck Locks with my strapon, a much more effective cock for me to use than the useless one attached to my body.

35. 13. September, I was instructed to not wake Locks up early in the morning so I most certainly did not do that. 😦

36. 14 September, inspection requested and spun the wheel. I LANDED on RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have 72 days and 18 hours (give or take based on the assignment rules) until I get to have an orgasm!!

37. 15 September, t&d requested at 0630 and turned down.

38. 15 September, t&d requested at 0900. For Locks off 3 or 4 times. Was allowed to jump her leg for a few minutes while caged of course. How sad is that my greatest sexual pleasure, aside from making Locks cum over and over, is humping her caged little cock on my Domina’s leg.

39. 15 September. I stand corrected, my greatest sexual pleasure is putting lotion on Locks’ feet and rubbing her useless caged cock and balls in between her smooth and sexy feet. Did so for about 10 minutes. So lovely. I want to cum so bad but I know her pathetic cock doesn’t deserve such pleasure.

40. 15 September, extra t&d requested at 2230. Release date at 72 days and 12 hours.

41. 15 September, was asked what my release date was and I didn’t know off the top of my head. Add 6 hours. NOVEMBER 25th at 1800.

42. 16 September, t&d requested at 0430. Woke Locks up to several orgasms.

43. 16 September, extra t&d requested. Spent the evening on my straitjacket and at the mercy of Locks. One of my largest Butt plugs was inserted. Lots of ball slapping ensued. Also lots of practice of sucking and gaging on the strapon.

42. 17 September, extra t&d requested at 0700. Doesn’t count for time being taken off.

43. 17 September, inspection requested at 1730. No wheel to spin anymore. Kind of missing having a wheel to spin on inspection days.

44. 18 September, t&d requested at 0700 for a little over an hour. Can’t tell you how many orgasms Locks had. And I can’t tell you how many times I wanted an orgasm. Then again maybe I really didn’t want to have one. I don’t know.

45. 20 September, t&d requested at 0745 for about 20 minutes. Using my fingers I gave Locks 4 orgasms. Then she let me rub her useless cock on her leg then told me to get behind her and made me hump her from behind while of course with a dumb caged penis.

46. 20 September, inspection requested at 0630.

47. 21 September. We are going to the local gay bar to watch the drag show. Always count as t&d. Leaving in about 30 minutes. If things go to plan there will be more to update.

48. 22 September, Locks told me I earned 12 hours for making Her proud of me. November 25th at 0600

49. 22 September, extra t&d requested at about 1930. Earned 6 hours. T&d involved me riding a dildo on the tv table while she recorded me answering questions about how much of a sissy I am and how much I want a real cock in my hands, mouth and ass. Then Locks made me watch it with her twice so I could see how pathetic I am. A video I hope no one ever sees. I have Also earned a cage free t&d. Tally at November 24th at 2359.

50. 23 September, t&d requested at 0730 for about 40 minutes.

51. 23 September, inspection requested and completed.

52. 25 September, t&d requested at 2245 for about 30 minutes.

53. 26 September, t&d requested at 2130 for a while. Was wearing my straitjacket so not real sure on the times.

54. 26 September, inspection requested and completed on 27 September at 0820.

55. 27 September, t&d requested at about 2200 for 30 minutes. I think Locks was literally trying to bite my left nipple off.

56. 28 September, extra t&d requested at about 2230 for 30 minutes. Release date at November 24th at 1800.

57. 29 September, t&d requested at 0800 for about 20 minutes. Lots of ball slapping and me being hard in my cage without a chance to even get edged. Lock’s little penis wants to feel a full unencumbered erection so badly. It has been 29 days since I’ve had a full erection. It’s kind of sad that I orgasm so infrequently that I now seem to view just having an erection and Locks just touching her penis as a form of sexual desire.

58 29 September, inspection requested and completed around 1400.

59. 29 September, earned 6 hours for giving Locks a foot rub. As her sissy I protested a bit, I feel like she has deserves foot massages but she trumps my opinion. Release at November 24th at 1200.

60. 29 September, extra t&d requested at 2245. Gave Locks multiple orgasms before we went to sleep. Release date at 24 November @ 0600.

61. 30 September, woke Locks up at about 0500 with multiple orgasms over the course of about 30 minutes then she played with her little caged penis some and my nipples.

62. 1 October, t&d requested at about 2230 occurring off and on for about an hour. Ball slapping, thigh slapping, scratching but still no full cage free erection. That tally is at 32 days, 11 hours and 28 minutes.

63. 2 October, inspection requested and completed at about 2000. I was out of my cage for about 3 minutes because we switched to my ureathal plug.

64. 3 October, t&d requested at 0800 while I gave Locks 3 or 4 orgasms over the course of about 15 minutes. Still no erections or edging or touching of her penis. FRUSTRATING!

65. 3 October, extra t&d requested at 1200 for a bit as Locks played with my nipples while I looked at a gif of some guy cumming from a stockinged foot job. Release date at 23 november @ 2359. 51 days, 11 hours and 42 minutes away.

66. 3 October, got a new tattoo today. This pertains to chastity because it is a tattoo that marks me as a submissive male who is locked in chastity.

I did wear my cage for the tattoo which in hind site did help the tattoo artist cause she frequently pushed down on the cage to help stretch my skin. If the pain wasn’t excruciating for the pubis area I may have gotten hard in my cage cause there was another attractive woman manipulating my cage while Locks was watching.

67. 4 October, Being required to request t&d has been suspended until further notice due to my new tattoo. We don’t want to put that skin under any unneeded stress while it heels.

68. 5 October, t&d occurred I think just after midnight. Locks came to bed and we spooned with me being the little spoon. Lock’s then started to play with my nipples which I’ve always loved but seem to love even more now that they are pierced again. After about ten minutes of her pinching and flicking my left nipple locks started to bite my shoulder. All of this (plus what was going on in my head) was feeling really really good. Embarrassingly, next thing I knew I was about to orgasm so I had to pull away quickly and concentrate to turn it into a ruined orgasm because I’m not allowed to have a full orgasm during an assignment. To be clear, during this impromptu session Locks’ penis was caged and was never touched by either of us in anyway. I was so embarrassed. I ate what mess I could clean off myself then laid back down and quickly apologized to Locks. I know that I’ve have asked Locks to humiliate me and though that wasn’t her plan at the time it certainly was humiliating. Though at the same time, this embarrassing penis I carry is right now straining hard within the confines of his cage as I recall and type out my humiliation from last night. I guess this is just one more confirmation of just how sissy I really am. I am so embarrassed and yet as hard as my cage allows me to get….

69. 5 October at 1030 I earned 12 hours for making an excellent curveball throw for Lock’s in Pokémon go to complete the special research requirement. Release date at 23 November @ 1200.

70. 5 October, extra t&d occurred at about 2200. Locks put me in my strait jacket and watched me struggle while she slapped my thighs and balls around. She then released me from my jacket and we went to bed where I spent a good while pleasing Locks with hands and mouth. Release date at 23 November @ 0600.

71. 6 October at about 0800 I rolled over and gave Locks several good morning orgasms.

72. 6 October about an hour after Locks’ good morning orgasms she cuddled up to me and started playing with my nipples and chewing on my shoulder. She slapped her balls around some being careful not to piss off my tattoo. Locks also grabbed her penis (while caged of course) which was a very nice treat! She has not done that in a good long time and i really enjoyed her attention. Then all my moaning and whimpering got Locks all turned on again so I rolled over and helped her out with that with mouth and fingers again to another 4 or 5 orgasms. In the last 12 hours Locks has had at LEAST a dozen orgasms, probably closer to 15. Me of course, zero. I’m happy.

73. 6 October at 1000, Locks reinstated required t&d. My tattoo still hurts but the last 12 hours showed us that I am up for t&d again.

74. 6 October, earned 12 hours for being in dozer mode today and getting a lot of stuff done around the house. Release date at 22 November at 1800.

75. 6 October, inspection requested yesterday and completed today. Switched back to my urethral insert.

76. 7 October, t&d requested at about 0715 for about 45 minutes. Started off with getting Locks off 3 times then cuddled some. Then she started to play with my nipples and even let me hump her hand as she held onto my cage. And to top it off Locks even gave me a “hand job” inside my cage. I am not able to cum in my cage from that but the attention was still so very nice. I am a happy sissy. 🙂

77. 7 October, extra t&d occurred at 1800 for about 30 minutes. Lots of nipple torture and some ball slapping with a vibrating butt plug in. Locks kept making me grind my plug into the couch and made me say how much I wanted a real cock in my sissy ass. Release date at 22 November @ 1200.

78. 7 October, more t&d ensued tonight. Not sure about the times. Lock’s tortured my nipples some more then she grabbed my butt plug and started fucking me with it. After a bit of that she had me go get our biggest dildo and had me ride and fuck myself on it on the coffee table right in front of her while she took video and made me say some of my humiliating sissy desires. All caught on tape.

89. 9 October, inspection requested and completed at 2000.

90. 10 October, t&d requested at 2000. Instructed to look at porn for 30 minutes. At 2205 I was told to begin my time while we were sitting on the couch watching TV. I started and shortly after Locks included herself my playing with my nipples. Then proceeded to knocking my balls around some then thankfully Lock’s spent some time playing with her penis though my cage.

91. 11 October, t&d ensued through much of the evening starting at about 2100. Was put in the strait jacket a couple of times, have some new bruises on my quads from one of the canes. My back was marked up a bit from the cane too but those marks are gone now. Of course my cage was where it belongs and yet another night without even a proper erection. I failed to log within 12 hours there for add 12 hours. Release date at 22 November @ 2359.

93. 13 October, inspection requested and completed at 1400.

94. 13 October, earned 6 hours for pleasing Locks. Release date at 22 November @ 1800.

95. 14 October, t&d requested at 0830 for about 10 minutes.

96. 15 October, t&d occurred at about 0430 for maybe 30 minutes. Locks even used one of our vibrators on my cage. A wonderful sensation that I’ve not experienced is quite a while. It could be the first time this assignment that Locks had used it. I’m a happy frustrated sissy that has a little penis that is at this moment straining in its cage thinking about the use of that vibrator.

97. 16 October, inspection requested and completed at 2040.

98. 16 October (I think) at I’m guessing about 2330, Locks woke me up as she can to bed to some t&d. She abused her balls some and fucked my ass with the plug I was instructed to sleep with. Then I rolled over and gave her some intense orgasms before we fell asleep together.

99. 18 October, earned 2 hours for reminding Locks to take her bra off while we were sitting on the couch.

100. 19 October, inspection requested and completed.

101. 19 October, t&d requested at 2300. Also have been banned from her nipples for 3 days.

102. 20 October, t&d occurred at about 0530 for as long as it took me to give Locks 5 orgasms.

103. 20 October, we played a bit. Strait jacket and caning ensued. Counts as extra t&d. Release date at 22 November 1000.

104. 21 October at about 2230 I got Locks off like 8 times. Woke her up to a barrage of orgasms via my hand.

105. 22 October, inspection requested and completed at 1845.

106. 22 October, extra t&d occurred at 2245 for about 15 minutes. Release date at 22 November @ 0400.

107. 23 October, t&d occurred at 2230 for about 10 minutes. Mostly yanked on and slapped around her balls for a bit.

108. Earned 2 hours off my time for remembering to fill Lock’s tires with air this morning. Release date at 22 November @ 0200.

109. 25 October, t&d requested at 0720 for about 15 minutes as Lock’s played with my nipples then I gave her 3, what sounded and felt like, very good orgasms.

110. 26 October, inspection requested and completed at 1115. The cage was off for less than one minute of course.

111. 26 October, extra t&d occurred at 2200. T&d consisted of Locks plucking ball hair with tweezers for about 10 minutes. Release date at 21 November @ 2359.

112. 26 October, earned 4 hours for getting my second sissy tattoo. A garter on my right thigh. Not done yet, have to go back to finish the coloring. Release date at 21 November @ 2200.

113. 27 October, t&d occurred at about 0800 for 20 minutes. Locks rolled over and started to play with her caged penis and balls. There was also some nipple flicking and biting. After about ten minutes I took my turn at her nipples and giving her several orgasms with my fingers.

114. 27 October, we lost a family member today. Our little jack Russell had to be put down due to old age and arthritis causing pain and bed sores and more pain. Things have been put on hold for a bit while we work through our grief.

115. 30 October, 20 minutes of porn instructed for t&d at 2350.

116. 31 October at 1800, confirmed restart of normal activities.

117. 31 October, inspection requested and completed at 1900.

118. 31 October, t&d occurred at about 2130 with locks playing with my nipples and slapping her balls plus by making me say the humiliating things that I want done to me. Then later Locks almost got her entire fist in my ass. It felt really good and her little penis is trying to get hard just thinking about it.

119. 1 November, extra t&d ensued at 0730 as I made Locks cum a couple of times with my fingers. I then put my useful cock on and pleasured Locks with a good long hard fucking. No idea how many times she orgasmed. The sad part is that I had to take a break in the middle because the useless penis attached to me very nearly came in its cage without any stimulation. I caught myself in time and ruined it while catching my mess in my hand so I could eat my mess. Release date at 21 November @ 1600.

120. 2 November, t&d occurred at some point during the night. We weren’t really keeping track of the time. We took turns wearing the strapon, me first then Locks and I rode her cock and loved it!

121. 3 November, Inspection requested completed at 1900.

122. 4 November, t&d requested at 2000 but but did not occur.

123. 5 November, t&d occurred at about 2030 and consisted of about ten minutes of Locks slapping her balls around.

124. 6 November, inspection requested at 1900 and completed.

125. 6 November, t&d occurred off and on throughout the evening.

126. 8 November, t&d occurred a bit throughout the evening again.

127. 9 November, t&d occurred at 0730 with me bringing Locks to 5 or 6 orgasms with hand and mouth.

128. 9 November, inspection requested and completed at 1830.

129. 9 November, extra t&d occurred during the evening. Consisted of me in the strait jacket and my purple ballet boots locked on and at Locks’ mercy. Release date at 21 November @ 1000.

130. 10 November, t&d occurred this morning at about 0730. Locks was holding me then started playing with my nipples and her already hard cock and balls. Slapping her balls around and pulling on my cage for maybe 20-30 minutes.

131 12 November, inspection requested and completed at 1850

132. 15 November, inspection requested and completed at 1900. Based off what is going on with us t&d had been put on pause.

132. 12 November, exempt from t&d at 2100…

133. 15 November inspection requested and completed at 2000.

134. 15 November, t&d had been and may still be delayed due to circumstance. Will say it occurred tonight at about 2100.

135. 15 November, I was given permission to being able to initiate again starting at 0700 on 16 November.

136. 16 November, t&d initiated at 0700. Locks had 5 orgasms in within the first 9 minutes (we hit snooze so we had a good time frame). It didn’t stop there. She ended up with at LEAST ten orgasms from my fingers, mouth and the wand. My nipples hurt, my back is on fire from the scratching, I’m fucking horny and haven felt this relaxed in a really long time. After all her fun, we payed cuddling for a good long time with Locks wrapped up in my arms and I could tell she was happier than she had been in a while.

137. 17 November, extra t&d initiated at about 0730. Locks’ nipples and pussy are to sore still from yesterday that she wouldn’t let me get her off. She did play with my sore nipples and stoked her caged little penis. Locks also pulled out one of our vibrators and gave me some sensations that I’ve not felt in a good long while. She edged her penis though the cage several times. It did not take much time at all to get me to the edge. I can’t remember the last time Locks has edged me. With the edging and being under 4 days until my release, fuck I’m horny! Release date at 21 November @ 0400

138. 17 November, play session started at about 1400 for about an hour and a half. I was strapped to our new spanking bench and Locks proceeded to abuse my ass and legs along with giving her balls, just hanging there, the most abuse she ever has. All while I was caged and plugged. The session ended with Locks recording herself giving me a foot job (through the cage) while trying to edge me and accidentally whet just a moment to far forcing a ruined orgasm dripping my mess all over the floor.

139. 17 November (phew, busy day today) at about 2145 I had already gone to bed and woke to Locks coming in the room. Apparently she was horny and pretty much jumped me. Attacking my nipples, slapping my balls, biting my chest and nipple, jerking me off in my cage…. after a bit of this I started the process of going down on her. Part way there I found a nipple and sucked it in. Locks went a bit crazy at this so I changed my plan up and reached down to rub her pussy. As I connected she burst with her first orgasm. I couldn’t even get a finger inside before she contracted into her orgasm. After that I rubbed her clit to a couple of more eruptions.

140. 21 November 0400, assignment ends…. now what?


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