Bloody Hell…

Over the past weekend Locks and I were out-of-state visiting her family. I have been going back and forth a bit between my new, rigid chastity, and old, steelheart, devices. The RC device  has been giving me some trouble. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the device itself but it may not be a good fit for me. With it being so small the PA hook part is a bit short for me and pulls on the PA hole some, essentially pulling on the hole stretching it out. So I have been wearing it for a few days at a time, using it to essentially gauge my PA hole so the device will fit more comfortably for longer term wear. The down side by doing this is that it ends up causing some irritation which causes swelling around the hole so it’s not having the desired effect right now.

Two days prior to leaving the state we had put my RC on. Those two days I didn’t have any issue with the discomfort from the PA hook. Our original plan was to switch back to the SH before we left but since it was feeling good I asked not to do so. I wanted to push it a little more hoping that the gauging was actually working. Once we got to our destination things were still good. By Friday morning I was starting to feel a bit of the discomfort. I have noticed that in the mornings I tend to feel this the worst, thinking it has to do with nocturnal erections. Then as the day progresses the discomfort lessens and sometimes vanishes all together. So that first day, Friday, this is what happened. Friday evening i was more active than usual playing with kids, wrestling, playing with hoops, tickle fights and pillow fights and the such. Well, with this abnormal activity for me i started feel the discomfort come back a little but didn’t think much of it. Eventually to bed we went (on a crazy uncomfortable pull out couch btw.)

Saturday morning showed up way too fast to find that this discomfort and become more of a pain, a continuous pain. It was different. Before long I (discreetly) requested the key so I could take my cage off. Just didn’t feel right. At the time getting the keys from around her neck couldn’t be done inconspicuously so we had to wait a while. About 4 hours later, when we had a moment alone I reminded Locks that I needed to take my cage off and was able to retrieve the key from her neck. I then grabbed the SH thinking I was just going to switch then out and headed up to the bathroom and locked the door. I got the SH all set up to put on then put the key in the RC, turned and pulled out the lock. I then removed the main part of the cage and… and.. and… phew that hurt! Though to myself, “that’s a first.” I then looked down and, “oh, bloody hell… there’s blood.” I grabbed some TP and blotted away what I could, knowing the worst was yet to come.

So, The PA hook for the RC is a static rigid part that incorporates into the cage.  A big part of the reason we went with this device. The concept is awesome and if fitted right I think it would be awesome. It’s hard to explain exactly how it fits. It’s kind of in an L shape with the long part of the L sticking out of the tip of the penis and the bottom shorter part going though the PA hole. The only downfall to this design is that in the corner where the two parts meet, the overall thickness seems to be greater in size than the 2 gauge that my PA is. So getting the hook in is a bit of a stretch to begin with. Knowing all this, I know that getting the hook out was going to be… a little uncomfortable to say the least but it had to be done. It took several tries. It was kind of like putting a butt plug in. One can’t really just shove a decent sized plug in all willy nilly. You kind of have to slowly work it in and stretch the anus for a moment. So, that’s kind of the approach I took. Still, once I got to the biggest point, yup, not fun. I stood there holding onto the sink for a minute.

Once my vision and mental capacity fully returned I wiped away the blood that was there and cleaned the penis. I then realized that with that much “irritation” and soon even more swelling that i really needed to at least get my 2g PA ring back in lest risk not being able to do so for a bit. That wasn’t horrible but was still not fun. I then contemplated trying to get by SH on, cause well I know locks 100%prefers me locked up (and really, so do I), but after actually a bit of self debate about it the nurse in me prevailed and I decided on the more prudent course of action and left the throbbing penis (in this case, definitely not the good kind of throbbing) uncaged. I packed everything up and went down stairs where i discretely showed Locks the blood tinged TP and told her that I was uncaged.

I am happy to report that after 30 hours and 20 minutes of being cage free I am back in the SH. Fortunately I am a quick healer. There is still a bit of pain if I pull on the PA ring but so far the SH hasn’t given me any issues.

So, I want to make something clear. With writing this I am in no way knocking RigidChastity devices. What i have is an extremely well made device and I do really love the design and love the concept of the PA hook. I believe that the sizing we had ordered is off. Still working out exactly where the issue is. Yes the cage is so very short but i don’t thing that is the issue. It has something to do with the PA hook. Either the Long part of the L is too short or the bottom part is too short, or maybe a combo of both. The penis when hard is pretty average in length but has more girth than average. I’ve not given up on the RC device at all. I will wear it more, if nothing else but to try to narrow down exactly what the issue is because we very well may order another one from them at some point.


Holy Hell, That’s Small!

As I opened a package that arrived today and unwrapped the contents I purposefully did not unwrap the main attraction but the extra i ordered with it. As I pulled it out of the wrapping I found myself feeling a little nervous right away. It was so short. After placing the extra ring and PA hook down I reached for the new cage and began to unwrap it. I think I even gasped a little as it fell into my hand as i thought “holy hell, that’s small!”  My new chastity cage is less than half the size of my steelheart that i had made back in 2010 I think. As I fumbled with it uncertainty started to set in as whether or not I was actually going to be able to fit inside the new RigidChastity Modular Chastity Device 2.

So yeah, he’s a picture of the two devices side by side that can probably explain my uncertainty a whole lot better than i could put into words.



January Chastity Metrics

So, Since the start of the year I have been keeping track through a handy app on my phone the amount of time I spend locked in chastity and without. There is still a whole lot more I need to get caught up on but i wanted to start here since last month has expired. I’ve actually been really excited about doing this and am glad i started doing so with the start of the year cause it’ll be really fun to see the end results with the conclusion of 2017! I say now that i am looking forward to those results but we will see how things go, as chastity assignments get longer and harder, just how “excited” (pun intended) I am in the end (can also place another pun here as well.)


So, to break down the simple pie chart included with this post…

  • Steelheart – wearing this device accounted for 96% of the month. A total of 712 hours out of 744 total possible hours for the month. This equates to 29.666667 days out of 31.
  • Free – For the month Locks’ cock breathed fresh air for a grand total of 29 hours and 24 minutes. I don’t think i need to break that one down into days 😉 Of those hours, prior to my first chastity assignment towards the beginning of the year I was allowed freed for 12 hours and told that I could cum as many times as I wanted/could. This 12 hours also included over night so I was a bit even more limited than a full `12 hours. During that time I was able to have 5 orgasms (that last one was pretty forced and kind of pathetic in ways and had next to no ejaculate). So, with that being said, minus that one extended period of free time I spent 17 hours and 24 minutes locked in chastity out of  732 minutes (minus that 12 hours) or 30.5 days.
  • Unaccounted – I’m trying to rack my brain as to where the unaccounted has come from. Being a total of 2 hours and 36 minutes. I believe that came from one instance that I didn’t properly restart my timer after a short period of freedom.
  • Orgasms – This month my orgasms totaled 9. As stated above 5 of those came in a 12 hour period. One came with the birth of the new year. Two came with the conclusion of my first chastity assignment which I previously blogged about under “14 days and vanilla sex”. The final orgasm for the month was allowed prior to the start of my most recent chastity assignment which occurred on the 26th of January.

I am planning on keeping track of more information as we go forward. One of those things is number times and amount of time I receive t&d and whether it is with or without my cage on. I am keeping a log of when these sessions occur under my post “New Chastity Assignment.” As per my instructions I have to post within 12 hours of the session happening. If I don’t then therefore it did not happen. I do have more to catch up on but I find this info very intrequing and wanted to start here. In an upcoming post, I do have some exciting news to share about a new chastity device that arrived today (after ordeing it on august 10th) which conveniently coincided with the 1st of Feburary so next months metrics might be interesting as to what and how much I will be wearing which device.

Orgasms, Then the Lack Thereof

Orgasms can be a so very odd when one is in chastity. Not just in play but living in it continuously.  Though my chastity experiences are ramping up, chastity is not overly new to me. But, I am still learning a great deal. Mostly my experience prior to Locks has been lock and forget and self management in the process.  This has taught me a great deal in regards to fit, and over all management of care and what not. The longest I’ve gone without an orgasm is close to three months. When that happened it wasn’t with someone who was actually interested in being a true keyholder, and so not capable of being a Domme in anyway, no matter how I tried to talk her into it. So, I can really relate to so many men out there that want so much more but cannot have it for so many various different reasons.  At this point, I am blessed (or cursed..) with finding someone who wants what i want.  But i digress.. Orgasms..

So, prior to Locks, even though I was in chastity, it was self chastity for the most part and overall I could choose when I had an orgasm.  And to be honest I can still have one on my own if I really truly wanted, but I don’t.  No cage prevents all orgasms. The Wand is a magical thing. Most of our t&d/edging happens with me in my cage. So we both know that I could if I really wanted to… well… I actually really want to most of the time but I’m not going to cause I can give that level of pleasure for myself to someone else.  Over the past year or so I’ve learned a lot in this regard.

So, all of that said, one thing I’ve learned about orgasms… seemingly despite without regard to the length of time denied, over a week, for the most part that first orgasm generally is not all that great. It feels good but in a lot of ways it is unfulfilling. which seems so counterintuitive. One would think that first orgasm would be so mind blowing but, for me, it’s not. In a lot of ways, ending that period is kind of a mind fuck. I want to cum but at the same time I don’t, because starting over also sucks. I want it to be longer and harder (not that kind of pun intended.) Want to know what about really feels amazing??

The second orgasm, if that happens. it’s the second orgasm after a release that is the best. I’m no longer fighting the desire to continue a denial period. The second one, I can give into and just truly enjoy without guilt, cause what’s done is done at that point. The guilt from the first one is about wanting to give more. To give more of myself, to “suffer” more in a sense… It is all still very confusing and difficult to properly put into words. Part of is that, yes I do want to cum, yet I so want to do more for you… But, does it really matter what I want, should it matter or shouldn’t it… Still figuring that all out.

New Chastity Assignment 2, Ended

  • This assignment will last 21 days and will start at 11:00pm tonight. 26 Jan 2017
  • You will come to me and request T&D at least once in every 48 hour period
  • You will come to me for cleaning and inspection every 3 days
  • Requesting and getting T&D more than once in 48 hours will earn you 6 hours off your time or you can earn a credit to request T&D without your cage.
  • My initiation of T&D does not fulfill your responsibility to request it and will not earn you more time.
  • Failure to request T&D or come to me for cleaning and inspection will add 7 days to your time.
  • You will log all T&D, inspections and cleaning, earned credits and times as well as infractions.
  • Failure to log within 12 hours is considered an infraction and will add 12 hours to your time.

Addendum: I had not intended on adding this to this assignment initially but since you are managing this well and its proving to not be to complicated, I’ve changed my mind.

Tasks: While you are on assignment, my needs will need to be addressed. So, I will give you tasks. They will be focused on addressing my sexual needs. They will sometimes be in the form of ‘a game’ and others be straight forward and you will be rewarded for completing them. This does not count toward your required T&D. I will assign you a task and tell you up front what your reward will be for completing it. Failure to complete that task is not an infraction and requesting a task is both welcome and will more than likely earn you a greater reward.  However,  you do not get to pick the task. All tasks will be logged and I expect open , honest commentary on it as well as the standard logging procedure.

The following is the log of events as we proceed though this assignment.

  •    t&d requested 27 Jan 2017 at 0850 and lasted 38 minutes
  •    t&d requested 29 Jan 2017 at.. i don’t know when it started.. maybe 5:00 pm lasted until, I don’t know, maybe 9:45 pm.. we did a while lot more than just t&d, though we did that too.  I got my ass beat till it was literally bloody. It’s been a good night. I have to post this, and want to but i just don’t have the words right now to articulate this  experience other than we are both very happy and satisfied..
  • t&d requested 30 Jan 2017 from 7:07 pm to 7:32 pm. For my reward for requesting extra t&d i choose to have a credit towards t&d without my cage.
  • failed to request t&d. 7 days added to my chastity assignment. New release date at this point 23 Feb 2017 at 11:00 pm
  • t&d requested 2 Feb 2017 at 9:25 am
  • Inspection requested on 3 Feb 2017 at 8:00 pm
  • t&d requested 5 Feb 2017 at 9:03 am
  • inspection requested 6 Feb 2107 at 9:00 pm
  • Extra t&d requested at 6 Feb 2017 at 9:00 pm.  given cage fee with my inspection and cleaning. t&d coincided with about 2 hours of play and beatings tied to the bed, hooded and blindfolded. For my reward  for requesting extra t&d i choose to have a credit towards t&d without my cage. up to two credits.
  • Task was given 6 Feb 2917 at about 11:00 pm to fuck Locks with a strap-on. earned 12 hours off my release date. new release time is at 23 Feb 2017 at 11:00 am.  I was of course happy to satisfy your needs but i do have to admit that transitioning from post play/beatings head space to aggressively fucking you with the strap-on was not the easiest thing to do.
  • Early inspection requested 8 Feb 2017 at 5:50 pm. A slight tender spot with the new device we are keeping an eye on. Next planned inspection period starts Saturday, 11 Feb at 11:00 pm
  • t&d requested 8 Feb 2017 at 5:53 pm. t&d given cage free following the inspection.
  • t&d requested 9 Feb 2017 at about 6:00 pm and denied
  • t&d requested 10 Feb 1017, start and end times unknown. Best guess total play lasted maybe 5-6 hours. Play/beating coincided with t&d.
  • Extra t&d requested 11Feb 2017 at 9:30 am until about 11:00. t&d coincided with more play/beatings (though not too heavy after 5 or 6 hours of play the night before). was hooded and blindfolded, tied to the bed. For my reward for extra t&d i choose to have a credit for cage free t&d.
  • Extra t&d requested 12 Feb 2017 at 8:40 am for about 20 minutes. For my reward i choose to have 6 hours off my time. New release date 23 Feb 2017 at 5:00 am
  • Task given 12 Feb 2017 at 7:00 to 8:30 pm. I did enjoy this task and look forward to doing it again at some point. reward for accomplishing this task has not yet be described.
  • Extra t&d requested and given which coincided with the above task. For my reward I choose 6 hours off my time. New release date set for 22 Feb 2017 at 11:00 pm.
  • t&d requested 12 Feb at 11:02 pm for about 30 minutes. As a reward for the number and strength of orgasms I provided to Locks, I was granted 12 hours off my chastity time. New release date set at 22 Feb 2017 at 11:00 am
  • Task given 14 Feb 2017 at about 8:00 pm till about 9:30 pm. For my reward i was given 12 hours off my chastity time. New release date set at 21 Feb 2017 at 11:00 pm.
  • Extra t&d requested at the same time as my above task. I choose 6 hours off my Chastity time. New release date set at 21 Feb 2017 at 5:00 pm.
  • t&d requested 15 Feb 2017 at 10:23. request denied, “I have a headache.” 😉
  • t&d requested 19 feb at 6:00 pm. Request denied, said maybe later. We were out of state visiting family and put the assignments on hold till we got back.  That is the reason for the gap between the 15th and 19th. We had been back only maybe 2 hours when i requested, both of us being pretty exhausted.
  • I currently have 2 credits for cage free t&d. I requested to exchange those credits for 6 hours off my time for each credit. I did so because we both have tomorrow off and by taking 12 more hours off that puts my release date at 20 Feb at 5:00 pm. Locks was not aware of this when i asked and she granted the exchange. Though she is happy with knowing that we will have to entire day off together for my release. Might end up being a long day for me tomorrow.
  • AWW YEAH BITCHES MY ASSIGNMENT IS OVER! (Though my cage is still on………….)

Free Ballin’

My last orgasm was this past Saturday, 21 Jan 2017. It’s only been 5 days thus far.  Since then I’ve not been under a chastity assignment but that does not mean I’ve not been caged. I pretty much always remain caged unless on the semi rare occurrences where Locks wants to do some t&d with me without it on. So for me at this point “Free Ballin” means since I am not currently under an assignment, this is as close to free ballin as I get, cause well her cock is perpetually locked away in a steel cage!

So, this morning I was allowed out of my cage for about 20 minutes. once I took the cage off and did a bit of hygiene Locks promptly duck taped my hands together and proceeded to tease me. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to get a proper erection! a full-blown hard-on without any confinement. and holy hell did i want to cum this morning! and holy hell I wasn’t allowed to.. grrr!  But a full erection like that was still lovely, even if I didn’t get to touch it or cum. So, there’s that at least.


14 Days and Vanilla Sex

“Your cages goes back on at 12:30pm on Jan 7th and will remain on for 14 days. You will come to me at least once a day for t & d , I will not remind you. Failure to do so will start your 14 day period over. If you come to me more than once in a 24 hour period for t & d you will earn 6 hours off of your time. You will come to me once every 4 days for inspection and cleaning. Failure to do so will add 6 hours to your time. My choosing to inspect or t & d during this time will not earn you more time and does not count as fulfilling your responsibilities. You will log any addendums or infractions in this message.”

The above was my first true “chastity assignment”. Though Chastity is nothing new to me in any way this was a new experience.  During the 14 day period I had received 18 hours off my time. Both of us expected that to be more but life always has a way of intervening.  All of my daily t&d was done with my cage on except once which coincided with my first inspection and cleaning day. That day my cage was removed and I was bound to the bed and was teased for about an hour. After which I went right back into the cage. 

So, at the end of this assignment I was unlocked and the cage removed.  Locks had big plans for my release day but life as it happens ruined those plans. At one point during the evening we discussed how she had never really experienced vanilla sex. Since we did not get an opportunity to play the night of my release I was allowed to sleep uncaged and the following morning I woke her up to morning vanilla sex. I rubbed her body, kissed her all over, went down on her (which she does absolutely loves). After I made her cum orally then I slipped it in her and after a bit we both kind of came together. No bondage, no biting, no toys, no scratching and so on. Our collective agreement afterwards about the experience was “eh… it was nice..” For me, it was one of the least fulfilling orgasms I’ve probably ever had and from what she told me she felt the same about hers. I think I would have much preferred either a ruined orgasm or none at all. Though I’ve gone longer without an orgasm, this was the first time I had daily t&d like this and by the end of the assignment I was a hair trigger for getting as hard as I could within my cage.

So, 14 days of being caged with daily t&d, and some extra sessions of t&d, cumulating to such mutual unsatisfying sex and orgasm, I do have to say within about 30 minutes I was probably close to the horniest I had ever been. Fortunately she later in the day took pity on me and bound me to the bed, beat me for a bit then allowed me to cum good and hard inside her. Shortly after i was locked back into my steelheart cage. Though I am not currently under any chastity assignment, her penis still remains locked up. Chastity assignments are just additions to the perpetual state of her penis being locked up in chastity.